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MICO Employees Forum Nashik is the social organization established under Public Trust Act, section No.  1860/21 Registration no.3497 F 3420 dated 30th April 1994 & Exemption U/s 80 G of the Income tax Act 1969 Certificate No. 80 G, 40 /93/2007-2008/2415 Dated  28/8/2007 From 01/04/2007 to 31/3/2010.

Contrary to popular belief that workers are committed only for their factory and machines and have concern only for themselves and their family members. Where as they are interested with their wages and increments, relatives functions and programs. Besides this thinking, achievement and commitment is defined rather differently by the social trust founder Mr. Raju Naik, is one of its kind, as a industrial worker. He thought deeply about  the social service. This thought converted into this social service trust and  named as MICO Employees Forum, Nashik.


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Social Justice and Equity. We will work with other NGOs to promote equality, dignity and more just society, especially with regard to the poor and marginalised. Gender and diversity. ... Autonomy. ... Accountability. ... Collective action and solidarity. ... Unity in diversity. ... Self-Sufficiency. ... Work with Government without fear to criticize.

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